THE EMOTION OF STITCH Exhibition of works by Wendy Le Couteur and Jenny Mahy

Both proudly Guernsey born and bred, Jenny and Wendy have worked and travelled together in the furtherance of their textile art over the past twenty years.  Their styles are very different but what unites them is a shared love of stitch.

Although well-versed in other artistic disciplines, stitch is their medium of choice. “We believe that all creative processes are an emotional response to an idea or experience. Line, shape, tone and colour can all be represented by other mediums and by needle and thread, but stitch can also create texture.  Working with needle and thread creates a rhythm which is both uplifting and calming.”

Jenny – Invariably takes her inspiration from the natural world, particularly the native flora and birdlife of Guernsey’s West coast. This potentially limiting subject matter is off-set by employing a wide range of styles and techniques for each piece – but always incorporating stitch as the main component. “I am extremely lucky that my twin passions of nature and stitch can be combined in my textile work.  It is my wish that people looking at my work will experience something of the love that I feel for both.”

Wendy – “I was taught to sew by my Grandmother. I was shown how to paint by my Father.  I have on occasion combined the two. Recently, I have experimented with print and stitch.  At present I prefer simplicity over intricacy – and hand-stitching overall.”


Sep 28 2020 - Oct 29 2020


Closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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