Michelle & Norman Hothum Mythological and Medieval

Michelle Hothum

 Conveying a message of love, beauty and harmony are at the heart of Michelle Hothum’s work as an artist.

With intricate attention to detail, she works with different techniques from hand-painted miniatures to illustrations and etchings to create her delicate art.

Angels, fairies and mythological beings comprise an important part of Michelle’s work. For her, they are the messengers of a world that surrounds us, even if not always visible, but always present with its joy, vigor and mystery.

Norman Hothum

is a freelance book illustrator and calligrapher. He loves medieval paintings and illuminated manuscripts, mainly of the Gothic period, which inspire most of his artwork.

Norman started to work as an illuminator and scribe in early 1992. Besides Germany, he regularly exhibits his art in France, Luxembourg and time and again in Switzerland. Many of Norman’s works are part of private collections in North America.

The artist lives with his wife Michelle in a lovely wine region in South-Western Germany, close to Alsace and Switzerland.


Jul 04 - 29 2021


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