John Challenor, Island Inspirations

John Challenor

“Guernsey has inspired artists for, dare I say, “donkeys” years.  It has inspired me too.

I am a UK resident. My first holiday in Guernsey was as a teenager in 1967. During the last 20+ years, my wife and I try to holiday there at least once a year. We have seen many changes, but Guernsey remains a beautiful, friendly and unique place.

The island’s ambience, from the drama of the coastline to the tranquillity of the water lanes, has been painted many times. However, I also like to capture little insights into Guernsey’s uniqueness and history… and my memories.

Pictures in my exhibition include features which, to me, say this is Guernsey. The local granite-built buildings/walls with their ogee curves, the wildflowers,  Guernsey cows, hedge-veg, blue letterboxes, loophole towers are some examples.

Derelict vineries and other buildings, old boats, stones walls damaged by time and vegetation, are all part of the island’s history. The lovely mixture of colours, shapes, and textures they present make interesting compositions that are a joy to paint.

I am most grateful to the Coach House Gallery for inviting me to exhibit my work. Many thanks also to photographer Chris George (George’s Guernsey) for permission to use some of his photographs for reference.

I am sorry I will be unable to attend the exhibition, but I do hope you will enjoy it.

Best wishes John”


Jun 07 2021 - Jul 01 2021


Closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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