21st Century Chris Foss

Chris Foss is probably best known for the fleet of vast, intricately detailed travel-worn spaceships he unleashed upon an unsuspecting science fiction world in the 1970s.

He originally showed spaceships too big for planetary horizons to hold. The spectacle confounded all expectations of scale. This ability to illustrate extra-terrestrial dimensions convincingly was to prove invaluable for his future. Almost overnight the face of space hardware as it appeared on book covers and in films was transformed.

His chosen career path has led to some notable commissions including the design and conceptualization for movies such as the first DUNE, SUPERMAN. ALIEN, FLASH GORDON, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY’S DUNE, STANLEY KUBRICK’S AI and many television features.

Chris was born in 1946 and spent his formative years both in Devon and Guernsey. Encouraged by an Art Master at school, he began sketching the railways around Devon that he travelled on. This led to an abiding passion – machines in landscape.

Later encouraged by the same teacher, he won a scholarship to a public school in Dorset. Living in Guernsey as a child he became fascinated by the remains of the German occupation during World War II – the crumbling concrete bastions which briefly transformed the island into a sea fortress.

After spending some time at Cambridge University, he found work as an architectural draughtsman and designer. 1968, however, saw his inevitable move towards life as a freelance artist. His childhood passion for railways is now only surpassed by a passion for art, especially the depiction of machines in landscapes.

Chris is almost certainly the most admired illustrator working in the science-fiction field and since the 1970s his work has continuously been in demand by publishers and filmmakers the world over.


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