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Susanne is a local artist who grew up in Guernsey. She studied Art and Design at St Martin’s School of Art in London, graduating in Illustration. She then worked as a freelance illustrator for advertising agencies, newspapers and magazines. On moving back to Guernsey, she continued working as an illustrator and taught art and design at The Ladies’ College, Les Beaucamps School and The Grammar School, where she specialised in silkscreen printing and textile design.

Alongside her illustration commissions and teaching, Susanne continued to paint and has always placed great importance on observational drawing and recording.

She draws on her local environment and the wider landscape of Guernsey with her work reflecting the diversity of the local landscape, rocks and beaches, headlands and coastal paths. She brilliantly captures the unique atmosphere of the Guernsey coastline with its ever-changing light, seas and tides, rocks and beaches. She likes to paint in her garden and greenhouse and use the fruits as subjects for still-lifes.

Working with watercolours and gouache she creates depth and texture in her paintings by using hand-made Japanese papers bonded to the original watercolour paper.  These are generally worked on in the studio, adding watercolours and papers as appropriate until the work is completed


After teaching she enrolled in an embroidery course to explore a new medium. She had been layering Japanese papers with watercolours to build up textures and colours and found similar effects could be created by bonding a variety of fine fabrics and threads onto a ground cloth and then hand-stitching to complete the embroidery.

She works using a combination of Procian dyes, screen printing and Markel paint sticks and adds scraps of fabric and scrim to prepare a ground cloth that’s ready to stitch into, then selects the stitches and threads that would best interpret the design. Changes and adaptions evolve as the work develops.

She has recently been experimenting with the art of free-machine embroidery. Using a sticky, soluble film as a base she adds fabrics and threads to the surface which are kept in place with thinner soluble film. This is then machined into to create the design. Eventually the films are dissolved in water and a machine embroidered cloth is remains. Further hand stitching and embellishing embeds and unifies the piece,

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