Lee Templeton, a self-taught artist, born a Commonwealth British Subject, in Bulawayo, (Rhodesia), Zimbabwe. At the age of 6, she began school classes beneath a Sagole baobab tree, in a little dusty village, Chiredzi. During her teens, together with her family, they immigrated to South Africa. Lee lives in Eldoraigne, Pretoria, South Africa and works from her home studio.

Her two subject choices are:

Contemporary figure-scapes,

capturing on canvas, those all too familiar, nostalgic moments that we all relate to so well, that of a journey, a friend, a loved one, rainy days, shopping, a holiday, the scent of fresh flowers, or just a stroll with pets and family.

Contemporary African-tree landscapes,

capturing the panoramic horizons of Namaqualand, Botswana and Namibia. Lee’s palette projects the vibrant colours, of vast azure blue African skies, magical hues of sunsets and the warmth of the African sun, of which our African trees are prominently featured.

Her medium of choice is a heavy body acrylic, applied lavishly onto a cotton canvas, using brush and palette-knife techniques, creating movement and texture. Lee describes her art technique and genre, as contemporary impressionism. Each of her artworks is marked with a reference number. This reference number also indicates how many artworks she has completed to date. Each artwork’s image is on record, together with the corresponding reference number.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout South Africa and abroad

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Lee’s favourite quote by John Bradford

“There, but for the grace of God, go I”


Contemporary figure-scapes – Fun Reflections

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