Deborah Soper was born in Wendover, Buckinghamshire but the family moved to Cirencester in the 60s. She was educated at Westonbirt and Saint Anne’s College, Oxford where she read natural sciences. Having moved to Guernsey in 1973 with her young family, she started teaching biology in 1980 and joined the staff of the Grammar School in 1989. There she also edited and typeset the school magazine, The Grammalogue. Painting has always been important but remained waiting until the mid-80s. Deb shared an exhibition at the Coach-house Gallery in 1990 and has shown in group exhibitions at the Dory Room, St James. She also exhibited at The Gallery in Cirencester. Two paintings were selected the JJ Fox Exhibition.

Much of Deb Soper’s early work was in pastel, the appeal was the variety of marks that medium allowed and the speed; the spontaneity of this direct material matches her temperament. Workshops in St Ives with Roy Ray and others continued experimentation with monoprints, mixed media, and extension towards abstraction. Currently oils provide the medium for exploring landscapes in paint. This rapidly off initial mark-making is still important; so, working in oils, she happily has six paintings in progress at once. Currently she is interested in trying to push the use of colour away from the literal, while still retaining the elements of the landscape from.

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