Jenny Reyneke was born in 1968 in Alberton, South Africa. Lives & works in Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Jenny: ”

I am first and foremost an artist passionate about Art in South Africa, its lands and its heartbeat; people.

In my personal capacity, I strive tirelessly to play a more active role in using my Art to uplift and empower, not only through visual means but through connecting artists to other artists and sharing generously of my knowledge of technique to inspire and assist those who wish to express through creativity. The spirit of Ubuntu is something I live and believe in wholeheartedly.

 I believe that the Art and words we share should be words that inspire, words that build, words that encourage and uplift and motivate others towards positive choices.

 I believe that Art is not necessarily something that comes from within us but that as an artist, I make myself available to Art and through the process of painting or drawing attempt to translate the conversation derived from an observation, a thought process or an emotional experience.

In many respects, I feel that my approach is a stepping into Art, and I open myself up to be used like a channel or a medium to express what was inherently there from the start. My purpose is to tap into the energy of my subjects, whether they be place, tree or person in a meditative, reverent and indelibly humble state.

I am a truth and presence seeker in my work. Often my approach is dictated by a personal or social issue that I am grappling with, where the destination, outcome or answer is unclear.

Often these emotional thoughts and feelings are unformed, and I seek through the act of intense observation of my subject and mark-making to discover the hidden shape of them, what lies beneath the surface and uncover or reveal what lies hidden.

The way I paint or draw, the materials and mediums I choose are often symbolic. For example, in my ‘I Walk With Trees’ series of works, I knew that I wanted to use ink, encaustic and flame in the expression of this series because through this series, I wanted to grapple with the loss of our home to a devastating fire and the dreams that followed where I saw, night after night – for months – the works of my studio succumbing to that fire.

Choice of medium and relevance of medium to the subject matter are of critical importance to me and often carry an emotional connection or reasoning. To me the works lost to the flames represented hopes for my future and I knew that I needed to grapple with these issues artistically to derive healing and acceptance.”

From 1998 up to 2020 Jenny had 12 Solo exhibitions at major art galleries throughout South Africa including the African Window Museum in Pretoria.

Five of her ink drawings featured in the December 2016 issue Poets Artist Magazine “Hundred great Drawings”.


2012 – Soliloquy

2012 – The Secret- A painted song for my children


African Window Museum Polokwane Art Museum –  Soliloquy
Private Collections – South Africa, Australia, California, London,  Germany, Amsterdam and Guernsey

©Jenny Reyneke. All rights reserved 2022

Happy Hills Series. Oil on Wood, 19 x 19 cm, £235 Each

Happy Hills Series. Oil on Canvas, 40 x 40 cm, £340 Each

Heartland Field Studies, Oil on Wood, 19 x 19 cm, £235 Each

Empath Studies, Oil on Mount Board, 24 x 16 cm, £270 Each

Delft Blue Inspired Series. Glass Paint on Paper, 20 x 20 cm, £235 Each

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