Malcolm Potter lives and works in Dorset. He studied at Birmingham College and began exhibiting in 1965. He has work in private, commercial and public collections.

He also taught at Secondary and Teacher Education level.

His pictures are in part a response to Landscape.  The focus is the reciprocal interaction of man and natural forces.  Most pictures are preceded by small drawn studies often extended through paint, print & collaged scraps.  This media collaboration serves to expand ideas and challenge notions of pictorial reality.

He first used a window as a framing device in 1962.  In 1989 after publishing the silkscreen edition Demesne he began a more concentrated body of work applying that window format to explore interior/exterior space.  Emphasis was placed upon the glass membrane as it distorts, obliterates, combines and restructures according to the quality of transparency, reflection and the direction of light.

©Malcolm Potter.  All Rights Reserved 2022

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