Bozena Pollock’s panoramic landscape paintings are focused on beautiful Guernsey where she now lives. She has a sensual touch and joyously expansive way with colour. The paintings are genuine expressions of flowing, informal, atmospheric colour which carries an almost autonomous abstraction of mark. The paintings celebrate the looming vastness of the surrounding oceanic environment with its large skies, dramatic sunsets and clear, ever-changing seas.

Trained at Krakow and Chelsea, Pollock worked in restoration and picture conservation, activities locating her in a serious and professional institutional milieu. Working during her student years at the National Portrait Gallery London and Hampton Court, among other places, Pollock developed an important and useful art history awareness as well as intimacy with the physical nature of old, modern and contemporary art. The imaginative daring of her paint handling and imaginative vigour of her ever-changing palette surely reflects a Mid-European sensibility and heightened appreciation for the soulful retrospection of the Expressionist tradition. True to her cosmopolitan education Pollock has a lofty set of influences. Inspired by the post-impressionists, by Renoir, who famously painted on the island at Moulin Huet, by local artist Larry Ham as well as by the Americans De Kooning and Diebenkorn, Pollock forges an elemental landscape vision impregnated with a flowing, almost abstract autonomy of colour. Pollock augments her characteristic painterliness with textured nuance, the incorporation of torn collage elements embedded into the paint surface investing the picture with a palpable tactility, the physical nature of which compliments the mercurial energy and atmospheric strength of these irresistible pictures.

Adapted from Peter Davies, July 2017

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