Isle of Man wildlife artist Dr Jeremy Paul’ has already had eleven exhibitions at the Coach House Gallery. Jeremy trained initially as a marine biologist. After pursuing a successful career, he decided to answer his calling to become a full-time artist. Jeremy travels globally, whether it is to warm Africa or the unforgiving cold arctic, seeking inspiration for much of the work he produces.

Entirely self-taught, he works in acrylics developing the painting in many layers of paint, using underpainting and glazes to alter the tone and atmosphere of the work. He shows wildlife in its natural environment by capturing the essence of the moment. As he states “My aim as a wildlife artist is not merely to illustrate but to impart the atmosphere of the setting and the feel of the wildlife in its natural environment. I spend many hours in the field observing wildlife and looking for settings and lighting to inspire an idea for a painting.”

He was a category winner in the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year competition for three years in succession and winner of the ‘British wildlife’ award at the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art 2015.

He has completed commissions for the Sultan of Oman and the Government of the Isle of Man. He has also exhibited for the King and Queen of Norway and in the prestigious show “Birds in Art” in America. His work is in the collection of ‘Nature in Art’ where he is also part of their artist in residence programme.

He has designed stamps for the Isle of Man Post Office, and a book of his work was published in 2013 to celebrate 25 years as a professional artist.

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