Paul Bisson was born in Guernsey in 1938 and was educated at Elizabeth College, Guernsey and Shebbear College, Devon. He entered St. Martin’s School of Art in 1956 where he studied under Anthony Caro, Ruskin Spear and Frederick Gore. On completing his course, he furthered his study of painting at the Royal Academy Schools.

After an extended period, painting abroad, he returned to London and in 1976 became involved in etching at Morley College. In 1980 he moved to Sussex where a large studio enabled him to undertake the plate-making and printing involved for the many limited-edition commissions from galleries, institutions and corporations; among them Christie’s Contemporary Art, The National Trust, Mobil Oil, Book of the Month Club, America and Reich British Art.

His work has been exhibited in Japan, U.S.A., Australia and throughout Europe. Collections include Rank Xerox, Chemical Bank, U.S.A., Chase Manhattan Bank, U.S.A., Dean Whitter Corporation, Steigenberger Gesellschaft, West Germany, Stedelyk Museum, Sony Corporation, Amoco Productions, Biblioteque, Nationale, etc.

He has held one-man shows in the U.K. and at the Coach-house Gallery in ’93, ’95 and ’98. He now lives and works in Guernsey.

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