Lawrence Murley is the son of the sculptress Theresa Gilder from whom he originally learned his trade

He attended Humphrey Davy Grammar School and later the Sixth Form College. As a result of his keen interest in Geology, he started working as a sampler at the Geevor Tin Mine. After the closure of the mine, Lawrence was employed in a variety of related occupations.

Although he had been carving as a hobby for several years, he began to realise the potential for making this his full-time career.  By employing local stone and especially his favourite serpentine, he was able to exploit their variety of colour, hardness and texture.

Lawrence Murley sculpts his unique pieces from stones of different sizes and colours. He employs chisel and hammer to remove waste, and diamond bits and cutters for detail. Due to inconsistencies in the stone, an accurate finish is only achieved through working the stone by hand.

To finish, the whole creature is sanded, working through coarse to fine grade abrasives. The whole animal is buffed using a polishing compound and then a wax is applied. The perimeter is scratched or roughed up with files or burrs to define the boundaries, and a final waxing is applied to achieve a lustrous finish and a beautiful contrast between life and stone.

Born in 1962 and a native of Cornwall, Lawrence Murley has lived and worked in Penwith all his life.

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Cameleon ccxlvi

Connemara Marble with Serpentine Eyes, 38cm high, 27cm wide, £2,950 SOLD

Red gecko cclv; Serpentine, £2050

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