Brenda Munson was born in Guernsey in 1931 where, except for the time she was evacuated to Halifax during the German Occupation, she lived all her live. She started painting in 1950 after her return to Guernsey. In 1967 she opened the ‘St James Gallery’ in the Grange and then later set up the ‘Studio Gallois’ in Lower Forest Lane, St Peter Port.

She focused on local buildings depicting unusual viewpoints and sights unfrequented by visitors. She portrayed Guernsey’s coastline in a rather sombre but affectionate way. Her landscapes are devoid of figures, which she felt cluttered the overall image.

The cold and grey of winter inspired her when painting her beloved “Granite Island”

Her work is included in the permanent collection of the Rona Cole Art Gallery, Guernsey Museum.


Rue du Gouffre, F. (2012). Artwork of the Month – March 2010.  Available from:

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