Molly Harris

Through the years, Molly was courageous enough to experiment with new approaches. Very early on the Coach-house gallery recognised her innovative approach to pure abstract painting mostly inspired by the magnificent light of the Guernsey milieu. She admits that the light always fascinates her.

She paints mostly sea, seasons, sky, granite walls, nature, landscapes and still lifes. With her boat, bird and harbour and flower still life series she excellently balances reality and abstraction

These paintings are not effortless creations as one can often spot the lonely figure out walking taking photographs from which she takes her inspiration and then she sometimes doesn’t consider them successful. According to Brian Bell “once she has decided on a theme she goes straight to it with a swift, sure hand and stops beautifully before any sign of muddiness appear.” As Molly puts it” before it dies.” She portrays the sometimes harsh light of Guernsey superbly.

Through her powerful expressive works, her achievements are evident, demonstrating her deeply held belief in the importance of art in life not being discouraged by her failures as she sees it.

The Coach-house Gallery was instrumental in bringing this highly-talented artist to the public’s attention with joint exhibitions with the late Larry Ham every second year since 1983. After 2007, she had solo exhibitions and was also included in mixed exhibitions every year more than once.

In 1986, she had an exhibition at the paperwork’s Gallery in Vancouver Canada, and her work has also been shown at the Pike Gallery in St John’s Wood London.

Molly Harris was born in Guernsey in 1946 and moved with her family to live in Scottish Borders in 1952. From 1961 to 1964 she attended the Carlisle College of Art, Cumbria, where she studied graphic design and related subjects.

In 1964, she enrolled at the Edinburgh College of Art to study mural painting, graduating with a diploma in drawing and painting in 1966. She then taught in colleges in Manchester for two years until 1968, before moving back to Guernsey in 1969. She stopped painting at this time and did not resume until 1982. The following year saw the first exhibition at the Coach-house Gallery, where she had numerous exhibitions ever since.

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Landscapes inspired by Ivon Hitchens


Derelict Greenhouses in Guernsey


Breakwater and Boats

Still Lifes and Flowers

Guernsey Harbour

Sea and Shore


Walls around Guernsey

Sketches and Drawings

Other Artists

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