Matvei Kogan-Shats, a master of “plein air” painting. He was born in 1903 in Mogilev-Podolsk to a family of provincial actors and came to prominence after the 2nd world war with leading Ukraine museums proudly displaying his work. His paintings display his compassion for his beloved Ukraine and he masterly depicts the landscape employing brush and stroke to capture the distinctive light and colour of all 4 seasons.   He studied art under Teofil Fraerman and Pavel Volokidin at the Institute of Art where he later studied under Aleksey Shovkunenko (a member of the Union of Southern Russian Artists) when the institute relocated to Kiev in 1934. He was acknowledged as being amid the finest Russian artists from 1939 with his work frequently included in the official state touring exhibitions. During 1947, he became a Member of the Union of USSR Artists.  His paintings graced the walls of official institutions in Ukraine like the Ministry of culture and the Art Foundation.  In the milieu of the adversities of the communist regime, Kogan-Shats opted to depict the tranquil beauty of the unspoilt natural Ukrainian landscape. He portrayed the magnificent ambience of colours around Sednev and the Psel river and not the industrial landscape as was expected of Russian artists of the time. His paintings have a unique appeal and portray his special feeling for nature from Spring through to Winter. One could almost feel the joy of Spring and the frosty coldness of Winter through his choice and hue of colours. Kogan-Shats legacy lives on in the display of these exquisite paintings.

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