Mariana Du Preez was born in Zimbabwe, and before her sixth birthday relocated with her family to their farm in South-Africa. As she was born long after her siblings, she created her imaginative world with made-up friends to keep her company.

She started from a very early age to create this fantasy world with what was available – sand mixed with the gum of the blue gum trees, creations from the cuttings of her dressmaking mother, or sculptures from the excess wood she found in her father’s workshop. Collecting waste and conceptualising her world through it became part of her journey.

She qualified as a teacher, but it was only after she started to study art at the University of South Africa, that she established herself as a mixed media artist.

Mariana is currently running her own art gallery in Hermanus, a small village close to Cape Town, where she continues to upcycle and to create artworks full of messages and figures from another world, conceptualising her reality. She creates instantaneously with what is available, but always with her African background embedded in a surprisingly new way.

Her curiosity about the world around her and the way she reacts and energetically gives life to everything degraded to waste have become her best-known characteristic as an artist.

Mariana has participated in various local exhibitions in South Africa.

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