John Mainwaring an artist/maker, lives and works in a small hamlet in Shropshire with his wife Theresa. He looks out of his studio windows on to a garden teeming with wildlife that gives him endless carving inspiration. His affinity for the sea is another source.

While serving his apprenticeship as a carpenter after leaving school, John also took private art lessons. Before embarking on a career as a woodcarver he sold cartoons to an agency that catered for magazines and newspapers.

Since 1976 he had over 20 exhibitions and his work can be found in quality galleries in the UK, Europe and the USA. John’s work has been featured on TV as well as numerous publications with Miller’s Collectables describing his pieces as “collectables of the future”.

John usually employs traditional tools for his carvings. His love for experimenting has led to his designing of some very odd tools …..”Hands up anyone who knows what a one-legged bird punch looks like” – well, he has one!

© John Mainwaring. All Rights Reserved 2020


Angler Fish, Woodcarving, 27 cm, £180.00 SOLD

The angry-looking Deep Sea Angler Fish is quite possibly the ugliest animal on the planet, living in the most inhospitable habitat at the lonely bottom of the sea. Its most distinctive feature is a piece of the dorsal spine that protrudes above its mouth like a fishing pole. This lure is tipped luminous flesh which baits the prey close enough to be snatched.

It has sharp teeth angled inwards that help to prevent the prey from escaping. The Angler Fish can extende both its jaw and stomach to an incredible size, allowing it to swallow prey twice the size of its entire body. (JM)


John Mainwariong’s love of a new challenge led in 2020 to the introduction of Bernard, a little Collie that goes ever wherewith his master. The idea was based on a dearly missed Collie, Gem. Bernard seems to have his own fan club of devoted collectors.

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