Frances Lemmon

Trained at London College of Printing, Sir John Cass School of Art and Camberwell School of Art in London in the ’80s, Frances went on to work as a scenic artist and muralist both in London and Auckland, New Zealand, where she lived for 12 years.  Since returning to Guernsey in 2002, Frances has developed various themes in her work, especially Guernsey folklore. In April 2018 she published a collection of her oil paintings alongside original Guernsey stories and poetry by Jane Fleming,

“As a landscape artist, my work is concerned with the emotional connection to a place and always striving to communicate that emotion to the viewer.   Paintings have to have a reason to be created and must possess an inner life of their own on the wall.  I tend to work in acrylic or oil, sketching most days.  Artists that have influenced me include Stanley Spencer, Gauguin and Winifred Nicholson”.


Frances was awarded a place on the Jersey Arts Trust Lock-In 2015, when 14 artists from around the world met together and created work collaboratively whilst ‘stranded’ in Elizabeth Castle, Jersey for ten days; an interesting experience of collaboration and partnership.

Frances’s work is available to view on Art UK, a national online resource for viewing work in public art collections across the UK and in the permanent collection at Candie Museum.

She also teaches art to adults and children.

During 2019 Frances featured on Sky Arts’ Landscape Artist of the Year. She also visited Costa Rica where she worked work with local families discovering Guernsey’s philanthropist  William Le Lacheur (1802-1863) lasting legacy ahead of the bicentenary of Costa Rica’s independence in 2021.

Frances worked with Beechwood School creating art pieces based on the theme ‘what is unique to Guernsey?’ and facilitated a similar project with children in San Ramón, including a question and answer document to enable a cultural exchange to take place. She undertook a series of paintings reflecting her impressions of Costa Rica.

“Le Lacheur’s philanthropic work involved the distribution of over 3,500 bibles across the country. In 1843 he established a route shipping coffee from Puntarenas to London, loading his first cargo of nearly 5,000 bags of coffee. Le Lacheur was able to bring trade between London and Costa Rica and consequently enabled a better standard of living to be achieved for the coffee-growing families and improving local employment in Guernsey” (Guernsey coffee pioneer turned Costa Rican hero honoured by local artist and schools. Bailiwick Express; 13 Jan 2019)

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Frances Lemmon; Giclee Prints Editions of 100,  Signed by the artist, £155 (Unframed)


The paintings in this exhibition are recent acrylic and oil studies as well as a couple of paintings finished as a result of her visit to Costa Rica following the route Guernsey man William Le Lacheur made in the 19th century.  William Le Lacheur is famous for his import of coffee to London as well as the great philanthropic work he carried out in that country.


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