Peter Le Vasseur is one of Guernsey’s best-known artists.

Although Peter’s earlier work does not reflect his passion for conservation, he now concentrates on conservation and ecology and sees himself as an environment artist, illustrating the plight of fauna and flora alike.

Peter’s pictures today have a strong message about the world as it is and a warning of what the future may hold. He was the first artist to win an Earthwatch Scientific Foundation Fellowship, which enabled him to document flora and fauna of the fast disappearing rainforests of South America.

To collect material for his paintings and to ensure that each plant, insect or animal is authentic and indigenous to the location he has visited many areas such as North, Central and Southern Africa, Sri Lanka and St Lucia as well as the Middle East.

Born in Guernsey in 1938 he was evacuated with his family to London just before the occupation of the Channel Islands. At the age of only 13, he won a scholarship to Harrow Art School. At the age of 25, he exhibited his work at The Portal Gallery, Mayfair, since when he has had numerous one-man shows in London and has participated in exhibitions in New York, Florida, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Copenhagen and Abu Dhabi as well as the Channel Islands.

One of his paintings titled “Tattooed Sailor” painted in 1964 (Pencil, ink, pen, watercolour, gouache on prepared board) 50x40cm fetched a hammer price of £6,250.00 at Sotheby’s in 2018.

Collectors of his work include prominent people such as the Beatles, Rod Steiger, Jerry Lewis, Ava Gardner, Oliver Reed, The Duke of Bedford, HRH Princess Anne and the Aga Khan.

He also illustrates the charity children’s books written by his wife, Reverend Linda Le Vasseur.

Peter explains: “My art reflects my interest in ecology and conservation but also portrays my wider interests.”

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