Koos Bronkhorst

From an early age, Koos realised that his artistic  and musical talents would later define his career.

He started playing the trumpet at the age of six, and although he dabbled in sketching during primary school, it was only when he attended secondary school that he recognised his potential as an artist. He studied art and music at “Voortrekker Hoogte” secondary school in Pretoria.

After leaving school, he joined the South African Defence Force and two years later, the SA Police force as a member of their orchestra. He subsequently served as a Director of Music for the Swaziland Prison Service.

On his return to South Africa, he, by chance, found a Second WW ammunition box among his father’s possessions. He filled it with tubes of oil paint and other art paraphernalia and launched his career as a serious artist.

Through his friendship with Enzo Mastromatteo (the internationally known artistic advisor and violinist), he was exposed to the work of distinguished artists such as  Gregoire Boonzaier, Carl Buchner, Maggie Loubser, Alexander Rose-Innes and Adriaan Boshoff. The paintings of the last two (Alexander Rose-Innes and Adriaan Boshoff) in particular continue to be a significant influence, as does the work of the old masters, especially Turner and Constable. These influences can be clearly seen in his work.

He depicts the tranquil beauty of the unspoilt natural South African landscape by portraying the great ambience of colours. Each of these two paintings on display at the Coach-house gallery has a unique appeal.

His paintings also grace the walls in private collections in Belgium, Italy, Australia and New Zealand and, of course, South Africa.

Koos believes that art belongs to everybody and that Art is therapy without equal. He gets the greatest satisfaction by sharing his knowledge and skills with others by presenting art workshops all over South Africa.

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