Jenny Devereux

Born in Surrey, England. Jenny moved, at an early stage in her career to St.lves in the far south west of Cornwall. It was there while running her own fine art gallery that she first began to experiment with various printmaking techniques. This soon led her to choose the etching process as her favourite form and, before long, her prints began to appear on the gallery walls alongside those of the established artists on display.

Her approach to the etching discipline was self-taught and robust.

Taken on by some of the leading agents and distributors in the UK and Japan, Jenny’s floral etchings have, over the years, become widely known and loved throughout the world.

With a love of plants and gardening, it is no surprise that Jenny chose to make floral still lifes the subject of her work. When not in the studio she is, most often, to be found in the large garden she has created at her 18th-century farmhouse. With its many flower borders, fruit trees and wild natural spaces – and with a stream flowing gently through the middle – there is constant inspiration, every season, for her to take back to the studio.

This concern with the natural world and the discipline of the etching process, along with her flowing style, used within a classical composition, has made Jenny Devereux prints very popular in Japan, where she is a regular visitor. Her one-woman exhibitions throughout Japan have proved to be a great success.

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