Guernsey Granite

Following the enthusiasm shown by invited artists for the theme exhibition held during February of the last four years, the Directors of the Coach-house Gallery now allocate February of each year for a ‘theme’ exhibition. During last year we sought expressions of interest from artists who might wish to take part in this year’s exhibition. We also asked them for ideas regarding the theme.

We had a number of suggestions from the artists and also from the general public. After much discussion it was decided to expand on a suggestion made by Richard Le Goupillot, one of the artists who had taken part in all of the previous ‘theme’ exhibitions. We, therefore, proposed the theme for the 2022 exhibition to be Guernsey Granite’.

In each of the previous exhibitions artists have been free to interpret the subject in the style and medium of their choice. This continues to be the case this year.


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Other Artists

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