Martin Doran studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London. He is widely travelled and has lived in Ireland, UK, USA, the Middle East, and is now resident here in Guernsey.
He still likes to travel and paints the world around him wherever he is, at home or abroad.
His portfolio is wide, encompassing many themes and a variety of media, with the main subject of interest being the ever-changing effects light and atmospherics, which he captures in dramatic, richly coloured and often deeply tonal landscapes.
Creating for the most part on location, Martin works in fresh watercolour washes, gestural pastels and full-bodied oils as he attempts to capture mood and atmosphere in a romantic expression, balancing colour, structure, light and tone.
This is often in contention with and despite the vagaries of unpredictable weather conditions characteristic of his preferred coastal locations.
His pieces are centred on an experience of being in the natural landscape; recording and appreciating the spark of life.
Martin has exhibited across the UK and Ireland and has work in private collections internationally.

©Martin Doran. All Rights Reserved 2019

Water’s Edge Shell Beach Herm. Triptych £3750.00

Doran Martin, Djéttaïr et Arrêtaïr…. (Watching and Waiting), Oil on Box canvas Triptych £750.00

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