John Challenor is a self-taught artist who works mostly in a pastel pencil and ink/coloured pencil. He has been painting and drawing most of his life, only to turn professional later in life.

He first visited Guernsey in the 1960s and in the last 20 years have been over at least once most years. He enjoys painting images of Guernsey which reflect its unique beauty and history.  He loves the textures and colours of the old stonework, especially when invaded by the local flora. At the moment he is working on a series of “Disappearing Guernsey” of which “Red Pot” and “I Wonder” are prime examples.

He has been married to Gwen for 45 years. Apart from painting he enjoys spending time with his family at his home close to the New Forest. They have 4 daughters and 3 grandchildren who are a constant inspiration to him.

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