John Challenor is a self-taught artist and has been painting most of his life but has only recently starting to share his work with others.  As a retired insurance risk assessor, he has now more time to devote to his art.

He and his wife Gwen spent many happy holidays in Guernsey and a lot of his work is based on photographs taken at different angles which enables him to expertly capture Guernsey’s exquisite light. He marvels at the light, shade, colour and texture of Guernsey’s flora especially with the abundance of wildflowers on the island some of them even appearing on the granite walls.  He concentrates on the paintings that show the old and disappearing Guernsey. He mostly employs pencil crayon and ink on Bristol board to create these stunning paintings which will be on show from the 7th of June 2021 in his first solo exhibition.  His exhibition will show the uniqueness of Guernsey life, from loophole towers, granite walls, derelict greenhouses, hedge veg, blue post-boxes to name a few.

His exhibition will continue until the 1st of July and well worth a visit.

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