Sark Glass was originally based on the small Channel Island of Sark.

After gaining his Ceramics Degree in Bristol, Tim worked as an apprentice in studio glass workshop, while studying glass making techniques at Brierly Hill. On completion of his Glass Degree course at West Surrey College of Art in Farnham, he set up his workshop in Sark, where his wife Carole was brought up. The Caseys have subsequently moved to Cornwall where they now live.

Tim produces a range of hand-blown 24% lead crystal glassware and is one of the very few glassblowers in the UK still making functional glass tableware completely by hand, using skills and techniques unchanged for centuries. His philosophy has always been to make things that people can use and enjoy every day.

Whilst the designs are simple and elegant, with a hint of colour on the rims they have an enduring appeal and are a joy to use.

Available colours – Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Amethyst, Pink and Gold.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the range is out of stock. We are awaiting an order.

©Tim Casey.  All Rights Reserved 2022

Red Wine Glasses, Height 15 cm, £24.50 Coloured Rim

White Wine Glasses, Height 16 cm, £25.50 Coloured Rims

Coloured Glasses

White Wine £26.75, Red Wine £26.75

Red wine £24.50, Sherry £21.25, Sloe Gin £9.75

Water Glasses, Height 12 cm, £25.50

Tall Tumblers £19.25, Coachman / Legion Tumblers £18.75 and Pint Tankard £27.75.

Flared Tumblers £18.25

Vases:  Large 18 cm £37.75, Medium Height 14.5 cm £26.75, Small Height 10.5 cm £17.75

Candle Sticks, Napkin Rings, Paper Weights and Perfume Bottles – prices depends on sizes.

Jugs, Large 20 cm £49.75, Medium 13.5 cm £31.25, Small 11 cm £22.75

Bowls  Large £75.75,  Small £55.75

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