Unfortunately this exhibition had to be postponed until the restrictions imposed by the “Lockdown” rules have been lifted


Following the enthusiasm shown by invited artists for the theme exhibition held during February of the last three years, we are keen to make February of each year a ‘theme’ exhibition. We sought expressions of interest from artists who wished to be considered for the exhibition planned to take place in FEBRUARY 2021.

Expanding on a suggestion by John and Susanne White for the theme of “Boundaries” we proposed the theme for the 2021 exhibition to be ‘BREAKING THE BOUNDARIES’. This was particularly apt in view of recent developments with the Covid19 pandemic. We thought this would produce an interesting exhibition for the general public.

As every artist was free to interpret the subject in the style and medium of their choice, we hoped that it would be an enjoyable challenge for them.


I feel that with this triptych of sculptures, I have really “Broken Boundaries” – not only by using the unusual medium of pure wool but I have attempted to break the boundaries between humans and all other living things.

I have entitled them “we are all one”

£360.00 each or £960.00 for the three

Zoe Sargeant

Needle felting is the art of compressing pure wool fleeces with barbed needles to sculpt shapes. These pieces are collectors’ items, for display and should be handled as little as possible.

Sargeant Zoe, We are all One #1, Needle Felting Sculpture , Pure Wool, 45 x 46 x 20 cm, £360.00

Sargeant Zoe, We are all One #2, Needle Felting Sculpture , Pure Wool, 42 x 20 x 20 cm, £360.00

Sargeant Zoe, We are all One #3, Needle Felting Sculpture , Pure Wool, 45 x 20 x 21 cm, £360.00

Oh David, Sir David, what have we done

to this third rock from the sun?

Turning the planet from blue to BLACK.

Oh, I am so forlorn

with all those the species gone,

never to come BACK!

Let’s in these trying times

until the clock chimes,

observe the boundaries

by those who make them.

For when, we can break them,

to be free of pain, for a nation slain

by an invisible enemy

with no empathy.

We will have freedom absolute!

But please don’t pollute!

To turn this planet back from BLACK to BLUE

a paradise for me and you.


Elmarie Brache

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