Boris Kogan

Ukrainian artist Boris Kogan, whose father is the famous Matvei Kogan-Shats, was born in Kiev on 28 June 1950.

He graduated from the Kiev State Art Institute in 1974 and is an elected member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1984. He has been accepted for inclusion in prestigious state exhibitions in the UK, Japan, and the former USSR. His works are on permanent display in collections of Russia, UK, Japan, Israel and the USA. He also teaches art.

He was invited to Guernsey during the 1990’s by a local resident whom he met whilst exhibiting in Russia

He paints mainly in watercolour and gouache, though his works can go from moody, heavy oils to surreal watercolours and pencil sketches. He masterfully depicts the extraordinary light and colour of the Ukrainian landscapes and his snow scenes are illuminated with bursts of red, turquoise and purple. He explained that an artist should create his own colours and not only depend on the colours on the palette. Boris’s work portrays a exceptional energy through his thick application of oil resulting in unusual textures.

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