“Under the sun the water shows its mottling of deeps and shadows, black and turquoise, reef and sand, dark and light, it’s coming and going”.

Extract from Land’s Edge, Tim Winton

‘It is hard to imagine a day spent without observing the changes to the sea and sky that accompany its passing. With both a father and a grandfather in the Royal Navy, I grew up with the comings and goings of busy ports and later swapped them for the more touristic sandy bays and rugged cliffs of Guernsey’s bailiwick.

This passion for all things coastal is in the blood and I have always been drawn to recording them in some way, first through the medium of oil, and latterly with watercolour and pastel. I draw and paint through Summer and Winter, wherever I happen to be, observing and recording the changes in season, wind and tide as I go.

Dividing my time between family in Guernsey and when possible, Western Australia, I am inspired by the variety and beauty of the coast in all its guises. It is always fascinating to note the changes in palette that each location brings and with it a new way  of seeing the landscape.

I chose the title of this blog,  ‘Land’s Edge’ after Tim Winton’s literary memoir of growing up on the coast of Western Australia. His idea that we are simply the land-dwelling observers of the majesty of the sea is compelling. I often feel that way when I am sitting perched on a rock with simply my pad and palette for company.’

Roger Bailey

© Roger Bailey.  All Rights Reserved 2022

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