Andre Naude

For at least three decades this globally acclaimed artist has, amongst other art-related activities, been painting, printmaking, educating, curating and presenting solo and group exhibitions in many countries around the world.

His work can be also be found in permanent collections of prestigious art galleries and museums such as S.A. National Gallery, Cape Town;  Durban Art Museum; Pretoria Art Museum, and corporate collections such as ABSA; Amsterdam Rotterdam Bank; Cite Internationale, Paris and Old Mutual head office, London.

He graduated with an MA (Fine Arts) degree from the University of Pretoria, where he continues to lecture students.

Prof. Keith Dietrich, head of the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Stellenbosch has this to say of his work “Irony is one of the crucial dimensions to his work and in particular his sense of dark humour…. Dark humour, satire and parody are directed towards the social norms of living in Pretoria. The alarming and absurd social conditions that he experiences in his home city are transformed into an ambiguous interplay between survival, optimism, and hope. For Andre, his paintings express his ambivalent relationship with South Africa with its extreme splendour and feelings of hope and optimism on the one hand and its extreme sense of absurdity, banality and despair on the other.”

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