Carry Akroyd is a member of The Society of Wildlife Artists and has won the “John Purcell Paper Award”

She is a printmaker and lives on the edge of the Fens and her work is dominated by its unique landscape and features, usually the intensively cultivated arable farmland, where she focuses on the wildlife surviving on the margins.

She has been commissioned to design book covers amongst which in relation to the works of John Clare.

Method of Working

“My starting point is direct drawing in the landscape, though my work is usually about colour. I am primarily a printmaker, mostly with screen-printing. I combine monoprinting methods and photostencils, to test the dynamic between planned intentions and spontaneous reactivity in building up an image, the interface between the deliberate, the impulsive and the accidental. I change media regularly to keep my practice fresh, so I paint and draw with a variety of materials and venture into other forms of printmaking such as etching and relief printing. I usually have a number of works on the go at once and am only really happy when there is a ‘queue’ of ideas. I have done some illustration work, mostly with linocuts. I only do commissions if it is something that I am really interested in doing.”

Carry’s work has been shown in many publications to include ‘The Wood is Sweet’ by John Clare, ‘The Sea’, published by Greenpeace and ‘Barnwell’ by Paddy Kitchen published by Hamish Hamilton

Selected Exhibitions

  • Originals Print Show, Mall Galleries, London
  • Letchworth Museum Gallery
  • Wimpole Hall, Cambridge (National Trust)
  • The Anderson Gallery, Broadway
  • Ely Old Fire Engine House
  • Leicester City Gallery
  • Alfred East Gallery, Kettering.


Gibbon Marler, Edith Cavell Hospital, Oundle School., Abacus, Monarch Chemicals, Jesus College, Cambridge, Paintings in Hospitals (North).


Carry Akroyd – Biography & Works – Bircham Gallery (no date). Available at:

Carry Akroyd SWLA | Mall Galleries (no date). Available at:

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